Discover how to turn your purpose into life changing profit, while making a positive impact.

Join me for this Live Training where I give you the secrets, shortcuts, and strategies that I've used to generate over $1 million. Unlock the Power into Purpose Method to achieve more in your life.

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7:30PM EST | 6:30PM CST | 4:30PM PST

What You’re Going to Learn In This Masterclass

Before you can Profit from Purpose, you must first discover purpose. The biggest problem with that is most people don't understand what Purpose is. Purpose isn't your title, your job, nor your business. Discover exactly what Purpose is!

For true Prosperity, you need the proper Principles. When it comes to living the Prosperous life, you must uncover the Value in your Purpose! After getting the Value Principle, no longer anyone, undervalue your God Given Purpose!

I'm not going to leave you stuck by revealing Purpose and Principles without giving you the Practical. I'm going to break down step by step How To Profit From Your God Given Purpose and how you don't have to do it alone!

About Your Coach

As pastor of The Power Church, I've found tremendous Purpose in helping others discover their Purpose. I want Christians to realize the Power of walking in their Purpose and realize the Provision and Profit available to them when they do!

God has blessed me with an amazing life where, through Purpose, I've been able to provide for my beautiful wife and 3 sons. I've been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest people walking in their Purpose over the years and it has garnered me over 7-figures in business applying everything I've learned.

This is all after I found myself struggling and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. If I can build from literally the ground up by tapping into my Purpose, you can absolutely do the same. Join me on Thursday, June 22nd as I share with you step by step, exactly How To Turn Your God Given Purpose Into Profit!

This is the very FIRST TIME EVER I have done a Masterclass sharing this level of depth on how I have made 7-figures + and there's no guarantee I will share these details for FREE ever again. I'm revealing my success secrets acquired through years of experience, packed in this LIVE training.

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